KOOTI - the first climbing playhouse in Slovenia

KOOTI is more than just a playhouse

KOOTI offers different climbing routes and ways

"We create new environments in which children can

develop their imagination and motor skills."

Why KOOTI playhouse?

Children´s playhouse Kooti  makes a child´s wish to climb on a roof come true in a safe and interesting way. House2play is a modular and upgrade-able system. The playhouse develops along with your child. 




+ Attractive, unusual shape
+ Offers different imaginative environments
+ Many climbing paths joined into one structure
+ Stirs the imagination and develops motor skills
+ Possibility of adding elements


Quality and Certificate

All House2play playground equipment is manufactured and certified according to European standard SIST EN 1176. We use only high quality natural materials that are children friendly.



How does KOOTI playhouse differ from other playhouses?

KOOTI playhouse is more than just a playhouse!

It's unusual shape enables children to visualize different animals or shapes instead. It encourages children to let their imagination run free.

Playhouse can be a horse! Playhouse can be a horse!
Or a fish with big mouth! Or a fish with big mouth!

The whole playhouse is a large climbing structure.

There is a simple climbing rope net or more difficult overhanging walls. So it is a challenge for any child no matter the age. Every year a child can manage a new climbing path, so the house never gets boring.

Interaction in every direction. Interaction in every direction.
Younger and older children, everyone is having fun! Younger and older children, everyone is having fun!

New materials!

New plates are safer because of anti-slip coating and can also be used for drawing with colorful chalks. That way any House2play structure can become unique and special.