About us

How did it all start?

In 2010 Urban decided to create a wooden children´s playhouse for his two nephews in his backyard. His restless creative spirit led to different and most unusual shape of a playhouse which was attractively interesting.

Nephews loved it immediately and it soon became a center of fun and creative play. They played, drawn and let their imagination run wild in their new playhouse. Even neighbors where impressed and started to ask where they could get one.

Friend Jaka suggested to market the interesting playhouse because it stood out of all other playhouses. They wanted to offer something more to the kids.

They joined their knowledge from planning & design and through thorough design process, which included collaboration with educators and carefully studying ways of children´s play, they created a new playhouse.

Final result isn´t just an attractive playhouse on top of which one can climb. It is a whole system of modular elements that can be put together in different shapes.

And so, House2play brand has been created and today offers wide range of products intended for kids and playgrounds. They are all distinguished by innovative approach and multiuse of all children playground elements.


How big is the playhouse?

Kooti is big enough to host many children simultaneously. Kooti is 2m high, 3.4 m long and 2m wide.

Is playhouse made out of wood?

Yes. Bearing construction is made of larch, side panels from water resistance plywood. We find wood warm, nice to touch and friendly to use. All this is important for children´s playground equipment.

How much space around the playhouse do I need?

For safe and undisturbed use you need to ensure at least 150 cm of space around all parts of playhouse. At both tallest points of the roof and at the slide lapse you will need 200 cm of space. This space should be free of obstacles and other equipment in which children can hit or stumble on. If the playhouse will be exclusively in the private use than this requirements are not obligatory.

Can playhouse and other equipment from House2play be in public use?

Yes, all equipment and products have a certificate of accordance with european standards. Therefore they are safe for play in private as well in public use. If they are to be used in public space they have to be assembled by House2play team to assure assembly is according to standard and therefore warranty valid.

What is the warranty?

All House2play equipment has 5 years warranty on constructional elements (larch wood and metal components) and 2 year warranty on wooden panels (water resistant plywood). During warranty period we offer a yearly review and a free of charge repair of all damage that is not a result of normal use.

What is the difference between private and public use?

Private use means assembly of the playhouse or other equipment in a private garden or backyard where it will be used by family children and their friends. In case of private use it is not necessary for the playhouse to stand on impact attenuating surface that is otherwise obligatory. We recommend to put a playhouse at least on grass or lawn.

Public use means assembly of the playhouse on a land that is in public use. Public land are areas around apartment buildings, public and private kindergartens, private and public playgrounds, restaurants, hotels, shopping malls, etc. If the playhouse or other equipment is put in publicly accessible areas, even if they have locked fence, safety impact attenuating surface is obligatory. Through cooperation we can give advice on choosing and installing appropriate surface. Or you can trust us to deliver and install one.

 Is Kooti suitable for kindergarten?

Of course! Playhouse Kooti was designed especially for kindergarten children and kids in primary school. It is manufactured according to european standards and it has a certificate of conformity. We use durable and quality materials to ensure long life span of the playhouse and other equipment.

 Is there an age limit for the playhouse Kooti?

The house is designed for children from the age of 3 and above, but it can be safely used by younger children too. The house has been designed in such a way that infants of younger age can not climb on the roof and thus avoid a fall from height. When the child is older, he/she can use other more difficult climbing paths that the playhouse offers. That way the playhouse remains interesting and challenging for many years.

What type of safety surface can we use when assembling your playground equipment?

For safety basis of all playground equipment you can use different types of material that are prescribed by standard to prevent injuries due to falls (wood chips, crushed bark, gravel, rubber plates, ...).

 Are materials used suitable for children?

When designing our playground equipment we pay special attention  to the selection of appropriate materials. All wooden materials are made out of either larch wood or plywood panels that are painted with water-based paints. Non of wooden elements or any accesiories are protected by chemical processes. Instead of choosing wood protected with chemical procceses, we choose a type of wood which can withstand extremely long in the external environment and does not require additional treatment. Even climbing holds are made of wood gnarls. The only plastic element on the playhouse is a slide, which has obtained a certificate of conformity.

Can children get injured when playing on playhouse?

Each child may get hurt when playing. Yet, playhouse is designed so, that this possibilities would be minimal and production is consistent with demands of european standard for playground safety. With analyzing children´s play during playtime in playhouse, we were able to take into account situations that are not predicted in standards, and therefore raise safety level. Danger of injury is decreased with controlled environment of the playhouse. Design solutions prevent children from jamming fingers, head or other body parts into inappropriately large openings. There are no sharp edges or sharp parts that could cause injuries. Children have many possibilities to support themselves with hands or legs.

Can I customize playhouse Kooti according to my needs and whishes?

Our main goal was to develop a system that will enable customization of the playhouse. Now you can assemble your playhouse according to your wishes using different side panels and accessories. You can also add new elements later on so you can upgrade the playhouse over time.

Does the playhouse come in different colors?

Playhouse is being sold in two main color schemes, warm and cold. Warm color scheme is presented by red, yellow and orange color. Cold color scheme is presented by blue, green and turquoise color. Customer can of course demand its own color scheme and additionally customize the playhouse. Any side panel can also be painted in colors for school chalk boards and thus be ready for children to draw on.

How do you deliver the playhouse?

Playhouse is fully assembled and delivered with lorry to the site. If the playhouse is to be put on a hardly accessible terrain, we deliver the playhouse in pieces and do the final assembly on site.

Do I have to prepare the terrain before assembly?

Yes, if the playhouse is intended for public use. After having selected the appropriate safety surface you have to prepare the terrain according to instructions, so that chosen surface can be implemented. If the playhouse is intended for private use it is completely up to the customer what surface it will stand on. However, we recommend setting it at least on the grass.