Our philosophy

Different approach

Why House2play?

World is full of children that are curiously exploring their surroundings. Our goal is to bring their surroundings closer to them in an interesting and playful way. Due to elaborated design approach in making wooden children´s playhouses we are able to create new environments, where children can enrich their imagination and develop their motoric skills. We want to create products that are interesting, attractive to children, and encourage them to explore.

By involving future users in the process of design and manufacture of products we are setting higher standards in designing spaces for children. Quality materials and carefully designed details with quality craftsmanship ensure durability and usefulness of our products.

Advantages of KOOTI playhouse

1. It stimulates childrens imagination!

We took the design of playhouse KOOTI one step further. A playhouse is an imaginative surrounding for child´s play. KOOTI doesn´t look like a classical fairy tale house. From one side it can also look like a big fish with open mouth and the saddle on top turns it into a horse that children can ride.

Playhouse KOOTI offers different imaginative surroundings and encourages development of child´s imagination on many levels.

2. It develops child's kinetic abilities in different ways!

We also wanted to satisfy child´s internal, natural need to explore and test his boundaries. That is why we designed a playhouse, that children can climb on. Now, they can finally climb on the roof and fulfill their hidden wish. Playhouse Kooti offers variety of »climbing ways«, ranging from easy climbing net to an overhanging side panel. Climbing ways are a challenge for children of all ages. This unique feature makes Kooti special, interesting and above all, attractive playhouse with plenty possibilities for interaction and play.

Interaction in all ways! Interaction in all ways!
Over the roof to the slide! Over the roof to the slide!

Playhouse Kooti also has a slide. Children are used to slides and have hard time finding challenges in it.

Therefore, with thoughtful strategic planning, we made sure our slide again takes up the position of the main attraction. There are few different ways leading to it. Slide can be reached by a ladder from inside the playhouse or from the roof. Since several different routes lead to the roof a simple slide becomes interesting and attractive, because children want to find and try every possible access to it.

3. Modular system

Playhouse Kooti is a part of modular designed system, based on spacial structure with side panel and accessories. Spacial structure can be modified and with the use of the same elements new shapes can be created. New shapes  make playground equipment attractive and challenging. Modular design enables simple upgrading with different accessories and possibility to change elements after assembly, making it interesting and attractive for a long time.

4. Materials and quality

We use natural materials to make playhouses and playground equipment user friendly and pleasant to touch. Spacial structure is made of larch which is ideal for external use due to its natural pests resistance. Larch therefore doesn´t need to be impregnated or painted. Side panels are made of water resistant plywood, which is solid and durable, yet pleasant to touch. They don´t bend and maintain their shape. They are colored in three-layered system to make sure that colors don´t fade or peel off. All metal parts are galvanized and finally dust coated. Wooden and metal elements can be painted in six different paints within two standard color schemes. Different colors can be custom ordered.

5. Certificate of conformity

For all House2play playground equipment and playhouses European quality standard SIST EN 1176 is applied and certificate of conformity is obtained. 

Where others see an obstacle, we see a challenge!