TOORI Simple

Product description

TOORI Simple

Tower with a slide and multipurpose side-walls

Toori Simple is the climbing tower suitable for every garden or lawn.

Toori offers various ways of fun. It can be a fortress waiting to be seized, it can be a safe hiding den or a cozy house for a tea party. The heart of the tower is a slide that creates the main dynamics around the tower and encourages children into climbing and motoric skill development.  Children can reach
the platform over three climbing walls, which provide different access difficulties. Beneath the tower lies a hide-out place with funny round windows.

Climbing tower Toori Simple can be placed on a grassy surface and does not require additional protective surface such as rubber plates or sand.

Included in this model:
Slide | Roof window | Side entance | Climbing wall | Climbing holds | Saddle | Rope net | Handels and bars | Chalkboard | Walls with openings | Climbing rope Ladder | Springs | Linking bridge

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Technical data

Age group: 2+

Elements and materials:

     Side-walls of the tower: waterproof birch plywood, painted in three-layer protective color system
     Metal elements: galvanic zinc plated and powder coated
     Platform: natural larch wood
     Slide: PVC
     Climbing holds: dried brushed tree knots

Dimensions of Toori Simple:

     Length: 357cm (with slide)
     Width: 191cm
     Height: 188cm
     Platform height: 99cm