Product description


Mini tower suitable for children from 1 to 3 years of age

All too many playground equipment are labeled »not suitable for children under 3 years«. In a sence our youngest children are deprived from playing on playground and are usually stuck with simple and boring playground equipment. Therefor we decided to design one that is intended just for them. Mini TOORI is meant to stimulate interaction between outside and inside, not so much for climbing. In Mini TOORI a child can find interesting place to play and to communicate with surroundings in different ways. Each of the five side panels offer a unique interaction thus developing imagination and first basic child kinetics. Special creative feature is a side panel prepared for drawing with chalk.

Included in this model:
Slide | Roof window | Side entance | Climbing wall | Climbing holds | Saddle | Rope net | Handels and bars | Chalkboard | Walls with openings | Climbing rope Ladder | Springs | Linking bridge

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Technical data

Age group: 1-3

Recommended maximal number of children: 8

Elements and treatments:

  • - wooden spacial structure: oiled larch beam
  • - metal elements: galvanized and dust coated
  • - side panels: water resistant plywood, colored in three-layered system
  • - Drawing panel: panel painted with color for chalk drawing

Mini Toori dimensions:

  • - Length 148 cm
  • - Width 140 cm
  • - Height 99 cm