Kooti Rider

Product description

Kooti Rider

When children´s playhouse turns into a horse!

Playhouse Kooti Rider provides three different imaginative environments. From one side it looks like a dwarfs house with a slide, from the other like a giant fish with wide open mouth. Equipped with saddle and handles enables children to climb on top and ride away into their fantasy world. For easy access to the saddle there are climbing holds and climbing side panel with holes to climb on.

Included in this model:
Slide | Roof window | Side entance | Climbing wall | Climbing holds | Saddle | Rope net | Handels and bars | Chalkboard | Walls with openings | Climbing rope Ladder | Springs | Linking bridge

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Technical data

Age group: 3+

Recommended maximum number of children: 8

Elements and treatments:

  • - wooden spacial structure: oiled larch beams
  • - metal elements: galvanized and dust coated
  • - side and roof panels: water resistant plywood, colored in three-layered system
  • - floor: anti-slip water resistant plywood, structurally reinforced
  • - slide: PVC
  • - climbing holds: dried, burned and sanded tree gnarl
  • - saddle: water resistant plywood, colored in three-layered system

Kooti Rider dimensions:

  • - Length 330 cm
  • - Width 200 cm (400 cm including slide)
  • - Height 199 cm