Wooden climbing holds

Product description

Wooden climbing holds

Holds out of dried, sanded tree gnarls.

Wooden climbing holds are top!  In accordance with our philosophy of using natural materials for child´s play our climbing holds are also made of wood. Wide collection of holds, varynig from »big handles« to smaller »two finger« holds enables playhouse Kooti to change into climbing site. Holds, assembled on a roof or side panels whether from the inside or outside, creating different climbing paths. They can be easy and gently sloped or hard and overhang. Overhanging climbing paths can be a challenge for older children who  are already good climbers.

Included in this model:
Slide | Roof window | Side entance | Climbing wall | Climbing holds | Saddle | Rope net | Extra handels | Chalkboard | Walls with openings | Climbing rope Ladder

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Technical data

Holds: dried, sanded tree gnarls

Attachment: metric inbus screws and upholstery nut (enclosed)

Position: assembly on roof or side panels (holes must be drilled)