Product description


Big swing with a nest

A large wooden swing that welcomes children into a playful world of imagination. The swing nest allows safe use for several children at the same time. Thus, the swing also becomes a place for socializing, chatting and playing. Larch wood is used, which ensures the longest maintenance-free usage. We offer nests with a diameter of 100 or 120 cm.

Included in this model:
Slide | Roof window | Side entance | Climbing wall | Climbing holds | Saddle | Rope net | Handels and bars | Chalkboard | Walls with openings | Climbing rope Ladder | Springs | Linking bridge

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Technical data

Age group: 3+

Recommended maximum number of children: 4-5

Elements and treatments:

  •  wooden structure: oiled larch beams
  •  metal elements: galvanized and dust coated
  •  nest: PVC rope with metal reinforcement

SWEENGI dimensions:

  •  Length: 154 cm
  •  Width: 350 cm
  •  Height: 240 cm